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My Life for the Girls

In 2009 we have produced the documentary "The girls of India". Then in 2012 we have produced another documentary with Dr. P.P. Job. You will get a brief introduction with a flashback to the previous documentary. Bert Dorenbos of  Cry for Life Holland is the interviewer. The building in scaffolding was opened in 2009 and now it has his destiny as "Master of Business Administration (MBA)". What is new added, is a building intended for baby girls aged 0-3 years. Girls are not wanted and instead to kill the girl-child, they will be taken care of. If nobody does it, Dr. Job does.

Unfortunately, seven weeks after the recordings we received sad news. Dr. Job suddenly deceased on August 19th, 2012. At that time, Dr. Job was in a church in Hungary. In the morning he had preached and in the afternoon Dr. Job got a heart failure. We, from the Brink Media Team, know Dr. Job as a humble man of God, a great visionary with grandiose plans, a man expecting miracles of God.
His relation with God and complete trust in God was admirable and an example for many. Not knowing that this was his last tv interviews, we already had given the new documentary the title: "My life for the girls".

We will miss Dr. Job.

His last words in the interview were:
"All miracles seem exaggerated for people who do not believe, but every miracle is a reality for people who believe in miracles"

Brink Media Team - Foundation Help Persecuted Christians (HVC) - Cry for Life Foundation