2020-07-13 Heading for eternity

2020-07-13 Heading for eternity

June 29 2020 - Foto: Freeimages


Heading for eternity


Lord, I bow before you. The whole world is in your hands, so we are never deceived

Thank you for your revelation of truth. Help us to read, to believe  and to apply

Lord bless the United States of America when they are heading for their elections

Bless President TRUMP in the midst of the demonic attacks of revolt, riots and chaos

Have mercy over dying Holland  heading and preparing for our March 2021 elections

Bless your chosen people in your promised Land in the midst of your signs of the times


Lord the biggest civil rights issue today is the murder of your/our unborn human beings

Your judgment  is announced and will certainly come  but you are still calling us  to repent

You split Salomon’s kingdom, you put your people in captivity, please stop abortion now

Deuteronomy 28, 2 Chronicles 7:14 Blessing and Curse  Life and Death:  Choose Life

God's eyes are going through the whole world supporting hearts  committed to Him

Holy Spirit, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, Father, Father, Holy Spirit lives in me


We and our fathers sinned, Lord we repent, O Lord forgive; have mercy and grace over us

Lord we are weak in ourselves but we are strong in you. Your strength is in our weakness

Lord thank you for your revelation. Your wisdom is the basis and power of our lives

Your truth sets us free. The law makes sin evident and obedience gives us eternal life

It is so obvious that the devil; the adversary will try to confuse us all the time every day

But the overwhelming power of your grace in victory defeats the fallen demonic angel


The protective power of Yeshua our Messiah rescues us from our deserved destiny of hell

The difference between good and evil is so obvious and understandable for all mankind

God's Word is a picture book with one repeating story of good and evil; blessing and curse

Your choice comes out of your heart where love and hate fight since the fall in paradise

It is your victorious spiritual battle defeating the devil; the murderer from the beginning

Thank you Lord! Your grace is so abundant; giving more than we can pray and understand


You are the Creator of heaven and earth restoring paradise through the blood of Jesus

The Biblical repetition of stories of good and evil calls us to fear God and love each other

We bow our heads and kneel down in repentance for our sins and lack of trust in you

Make us dwell and strong in your Holy Word and in the expectation of the new paradise

Knowing that by grace nothing can ever and will never separate us from your eternal love

God's ears and eyes are here to watch if we practise our prayer as we promised  2 Chr. 7:15


Bert P. Dorenbos, Founder  Schreeuw om Leven (Cry for Life)

e-mail dorenbos@kiesdanhetleven.nl  www.kiesdanhetleven.nl

Kam Onnesweg 171, 1223 JE Hilversum, Holland +31 651199125


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